General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1   

The Organisers: The European Commission - DG MARE and Brest Métropole
The appointed agency: WMH Institutionnel

Article 2:

Organisations wishing to exhibit shall unreservedly accept the provisions of the general terms and conditions, the regulations of the venue and the requirements of public law applicable to events organised in France. They shall accept any new provisions imposed by the circumstances or in the interests of the event that the organiser reserves the right to announce, including verbally.

Article 3:

Only applications previously accepted by the Organisers may be the subject of an order.
In the event of refusal, the Organisers shall not be required to justify the decision which is announced to the candidate. Under no circumstances may the rejected applicant claim any compensation by claiming that its membership has been requested by the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel.

Article 4:

Only orders made through the platform will be considered valid. Orders must be accompanied by payment of 100% including VAT of the sum of the service no later than 20 days before the date of the event. An invoice will be sent to the exhibitor management platform to confirm the order.
Once the order has been confirmed on the exhibitor management platform and the invoice sent, no cancellation or reimbursement will be possible.

Article 5:

The admission certificate is registered, non-assignable and inalienable. Exhibitors are strictly prohibited, unless agreed in writing by the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel, from assigning, subletting or sharing all or part of their pitch for consideration or free of charge. They are also prohibited from renting within the venue any space other than that offered by the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel.

Article 6:

All advertising and leaflets may only be distributed at the stand allocated to the exhibitor.    

Article 7:

In the event that the stand is not fully paid for at the opening of the event, the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel reserve the right to do as they see fit with that exhibitor’s location and will not be obliged to reimburse the sums already paid.

Article 8:

Exhibitors shall accept the premises and the leased equipment as is and shall leave them in an identical condition. Any damage caused as a result of their installations and decorations shall be at their expense.
They shall be directly liable with regard to the venue and the service providers involved; the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel may not under any circumstances be considered liable.

Article 9:

The exhibition plan is drawn up by the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel, who distribute the spaces in the order of arrival of the reservations, taking into account as much as possible the wishes expressed by the exhibitors. The exhibition plan and the exhibitor’s file containing the technical information will be sent as soon as possible.

Article 10:

If the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel are obliged to partially modify the locations or facilities, no claim shall be admissible and the exhibitors undertake to comply with the decisions taken.

Installation and decoration of stands:

Article 11:

Exhibitors will be able to set up their stand on 23 May 2023 at a time that will be communicated to them at a later date. Exhibitors must be present at their stand on 24 and 25 May 2023 throughout the duration of the event. Otherwise, the location shall be considered available and may be reallocated without the defaulting exhibitor being entitled to any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

Article 12:

Exhibitors must comply with the instructions of the venue and WMH Institutionnel, for the regulation of the entry and exit of goods and, in particular, for the movement of vehicles of all kinds within the premises and the adjacent car parks.  

Article 13:

Before the start of the set-up period, no equipment may be freely introduced under the sole responsibility of the exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for both the equipment they display and the equipment they have rented and installed on their stand. The Organisers and WMH Institutionnel accept no liability for any loss or damage to the rented equipment that is not removed by the companies as prescribed. Special insurance must be taken directly by the exhibitor for this purpose.


Article 14:

In general, exhibitors are required to comply with the regulations applicable to fairs, exhibitions and trade fairs, as well as the safety measures dictated by the local Prefecture. These elements will be included in the technical file that will be sent to exhibitors.

Article 15:

The signatory waives any recourse against the organisers (European Commission - DG MARE and Métropole de Brest - Brest Métropole) and technical (WMH Institutionnel) as well as against the owners of the premises. It undertakes to take out insurance policies covering all risks incurred by the exposed equipment (theft, damage, etc.) as well as civil liabilities covering employees or non-permanent staff present during the event.

Article 16:

The Organisers and WMH Institutionnel shall have the right to decide on all cases not provided for in these regulations. All decisions shall be taken without appeal and shall be immediately enforceable.    

Article 17:

Any breach of one of the clauses of these regulations may result in the immediate, temporary or permanent exclusion of the offending exhibitor without the latter being able to claim any reimbursement or compensation. The Organisers and WMH Institutionnel will be able to dispose of the location thus left vacant in the manner that suits them.

Article 18:

In the event of force majeure, the dates of the event and the exhibition may be modified or these may be cancelled purely and simply. In the latter case, the exhibitors undertake not to claim any compensation from the Organisers and WMH Institutionnel; the amounts available after payment of the expenses incurred shall be distributed among the exhibitors in proportion to their payments without any recourse being possible against the organisers or the venue.

Article 19:

Organisers and WMH Institutionnel cannot be held responsible for too few registered participants or for any lack of interest in the whole event.

Article 20:

In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Paris shall have jurisdiction.


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